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1. Academic expertise: The academic background of QED private law tutors – their expertise and knowledge of LLB and GDL / CPE courses and examinations – is second to none. They have many years’ experience as Senior Lecturers and Examiners on LLB and/or GDL / CPE programmes at top UK Universities and Colleges.  They are all subject specialists and a number are authors of text books for law students. Our teachers are NOT students or recent graduates.

2. Experienced examiners: The QED Law tutors experience of marking LLB and GDL / CPE examinations of UK universities and colleges sets them apart from other private law tutors. Having marked literally thousands of university law exam papers over many years your QED law tutor is ideally placed to advise you on what examiners are looking for and how to structure your answers and present your knowledge to gain the best possible marks.

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QED law is an established provider of LLB and GDL / CPE revision courses.